The series includes watercolors, oil, acrylic, and gouache paints.
The pigment part is reduced in comparison with professional series
For beginners discovering or improving their art creativity.
Oiler with double lid metal "Sonnet"
Oiler single with a cover metal "Sonnet"
Oiler with double lid "Sonnet"
Oiler single with a cover "Sonnet"
Model horse "Sonnet" light tree
Model horse "Sonnet" dark wood
A set of modeling brushes "Sonnet", silicone, 5 pcs.
Airbrush in blister "Sonnet"
Box made of pine "Sonnet"
Draw tube "Sonnet"
Painting by numbers "Sonnet", on the veneer
Painting by numbers "Sonnet", on stretcher
Painting by numbers "Sonnet"
Airbrush "Sonnet"
Air brush of double action "Sonnet"
Сhisels for woodcarving "Sonnet" set
Brush holder "Sonnet", 14,5x13 cm, plastic
Brush washer "Sonnet", diameter 10,5 cm, height 18 cm, aluminium
Pencil extender "Sonnet", metal
Kneaded eraser "Sonnet"
Male mannequins "Sonnet", wood, 20 cm
Clay sculpture knives "Sonnet" set, 15 cm, wood, 9 items
Palette "Sonnet", plywood, oval, 30x40 cm, thickness 5 mm
Modelling clay "Sonnet"
Palette "Sonnet", plastic, round, 23,5x17 cm, 10 cells
Cutting knife "Sonnet", 3 blades, blister
Brush-sponge "Sonnet", foam rubber, round, diameter 30mm, wood handle
Potter's wheel "Sonnet"
Clay sculpture knife "Sonnet" set with loop
Modelling clay "Sonnet" set "Berry"
Modelling clay "Sonnet" set "Fruit"
Modelling clay "Sonnet" set "Primary colours"
Modelling clay "Sonnet" set "Trendy colours"
Clay for molding "Sonnet"
Drawing boards "Sonnet", fibreboard
Paper stomps "Sonnet" set, 6 pcs
Wood carving chisel Sonnet in blister, 8 items
Foldable water bucket Sonnet, diameter 14 cm
Imitation ceramic palette "Sonnet", rectangular, 19x9,7 cm, 10 cells
Watercolour palette with lid "Sonnet", plastic, 30x14 cm, 29 cells