Brushes & Painting Knives

White Nights | Pro
The sable hair provides an ideal pick-up and delivery of paint, and synthetics help to maintain a sharp tip during painting. The sable hair is shorter and thinner than the kolinsky hair but elas...
Sonnet | Studio
Palette knives are used in painting for applying smooth paint layers or relief strokes, for cleaning of a palette and
partial removing not dried colour from a picture. The palette knives Sonnet are made of durable material according
to ne...
Decola | Creative
Medium-hard brushes made from high-quality synthetic materials are highly flexible and elastic. They are versatile and
can be used for gouache, oil and acrylic. Medium-hard bristles ensure careful work on a surface whichever technique is
Nevskaya Palitra
The quality of Nevskaya Palitra artistic brushes meets the highest requirements set by professionals for artistic materials: they pick up and release paint perfectly, return to their original shape after use, and disposes comfortably in the hand.