Confidentiality Policy

The website administrator is obliged to maintain and protect the confidentiality of visitors to our website.

We consider the security of the data you provide to be very important. Our confidentiality policy is based on the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This policy is applied when we act as the data controller for personal data of visitors to our website, when we determine the goals and tools for processing these personal data.

We use cookie files on our website. Since these cookie files are not strictly necessary for presenting our website, we will ask you to agree for us to use cookie files when you first visit our website.

The website users/visitors must read this Confidentiality Policy carefully before providing any of their personal information and/or filling out any electronic forms on the website.

If you are our business partner, also read our Confidentiality Policy for Business Partners to understand how personal data are processed within the business collaboration.

If you do not agree with this Confidentiality Policy, we ask you to refrain from visiting the website.

The purposes for which we collect personal data: improve the work of our service, make contacts with visitors to this website, and provide information requested by the user.

The use of personal data is aimed at improving the service’s effectiveness, simplifying the use of websites or services, eliminating the need for repeated entry of the same information, as well as conducting the research and analysis necessary to improve running of the website.

The personal data gathered using any contact forms are also used to communicate with the user, to manage internal and external obligations of APP Nevskaya Palitra JSC, its partners, branches, and subcontractors, for direct marketing activities and data retrieval.

Collection and use of personal data

We collect and use your personal data only with your voluntary consent. If you agree with this, you allow us to gather and use the following data:

given name and surname,

e-mail address,

phone number.

Your data are gathered and processed in accordance with the laws in effect within the European Union. We collect certain data from your computer, telephone, tablet or other device that you use to access our services, e.g., IP address, type of browser used, and language settings.

We gather certain data automatically. They include your IP address, date and time when you came to our website, information about the hardware and software, as well as the Internet browser you are using, and also information about your computer operating system, e.g., app versions and language settings. We also collect information about clicks and pages shown to you.

If you use a mobile device, we also obtain data identifying your mobile device, its settings and characteristics, malfunctions in the app’s operation and other system operations. When you switch to our website, our analytics system records the sites that you came from.

Type of processed data:

1. Data on the use of our website

On the whole, you can view the website without providing any personal data. The website is divided into separate sections, some of which may ask you to enter personal data, while this is not necessary for others.

The IT-systems and program procedures used to run this website during normal functioning receive certain personal data that are then transmitted indirectly using Internet communication protocols.

Usage data might include your IP address, geographical location, browser type and version, operating system, reference source, visit duration, page views and navigation paths through the website, as well as information about the time, frequency, and use structure of your service. The usage data source is our analytical tracking system Google Analytics. These usage data may be processed in order to analyze the website use. The legal grounds for such processing are the consent or monitoring and improvement in our website.

2. Data provided voluntarily by the users/visitors

Each time the users/visitors visit the website and provide their personal data to access certain sections, or to send requests by e-mail, this means that APP Nevskaya Palitra JSC obtains the sender’s address and/or other personal data that will be processed exclusively for answering requests, i.e., for providing a requested service.

The personal data provided by the users/visitors will be sent to third parties only if this is necessary to fulfill requests made by the user/visitor or is required by the country’s supervisory agencies just like the requirements of the country’s law.

APP Nevskaya Palitra JSC uses social networks.

APP Nevskaya Palitra JSC uses social networks where we publish information and advertise the company’s products, relay advertising clips about our products for the user to read and for promotional purposes.

Social network services

We can introduce social network services (or messengers) to interact with the website or your contacts on issues related to our products.

Data storage, change, and deletion

After providing their data to the website, the user has the right to change and delete them, as well as revoke their consent for their use. The period during which your personal data will be stored: the time needed to use the data for the website’s primary activities. When the website’s administrator is finished using your data, they are deleted. To access your personal data, you can contact the website’s administrator at the following address:

Artistic Paints Plant Nevskaya Palitra Joint Stock Company

APP Nevskaya Palitra JSC

68 Serdobolskaya St., Bldg F, Room 17, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 197342

Phone: +7 (812) 337-11-43, fax: +7 (812) 337-11-42


We can send your personal data to a third party only with your voluntary consent, if they were sent, but we cannot change the data in other organizations unrelated to us.

You can use the following methods to monitor the personal data sent to us:

ask us to review your personal data that we have on hand;

inform us about any changes in your personal data or ask us to correct any information in those personal data we are storing; in this case, as indicated below, you can also make such changes yourself;

in some cases, you can ask us to delete personal data, block or limit their processing, and also send a refusal for specific methods of using your personal data;

in some cases, you can contact us so that we send to third parties your personal data provided to us.

If we use your personal data based on your consent, you are entitled to revoke such consent at any time in accordance with applicable law. Additionally, if we process your personal data based on legal or public interests, you are entitled to forbid such use of your personal data at any time in accordance with applicable law.

If you are adverse to processing your personal data based on legal interests, and in this case you do not have direct access to the mechanisms for opting out of data processing, you can contact us at the following address:;

Use of technical data when visiting the website

When you visit the website, the database saves entries about your IP address, visit time, browser settings, operating system, as well as other technical information necessary for correct display of the website’s contents. We cannot identify the visitor’s identity from these data.

Information from children

If you are a parent or guardian, and you know that your children have provided us with their personal data without your consent, contact us: Artistic Paints Plant Nevskaya Palitra Joint Stock Company, APP Nevskaya Palitra JSC 68 Serdobolskaya St., Bldg F, Room 17, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 197342 Phone: +7 (812) 337-11-43, fax: +7 (812) 337-11-42 e-mail:;

Our service is prohibited from keeping data on adolescents without the consent of the parents or guardians, therefore we block, delete, and stop access to any information about individuals under age 16 as soon as we become aware of this.

Use of cookies

We use cookie files for correct display of the contents and for convenient use of the website These are small files stored on your device. They help the website to remember information about you, e.g., the language you are using to look at the site and which pages you usually opened; this information will be useful for the next visit. Cookie files make looking at the website much more convenient.

General information about cookie files

Cookie files are small text files (letters and/or numbers) that allow the web server to store information about the client (users, Internet browser), which may be re-used during the website visit (session cookies) or later (permanent cookies). Cookie files are stored, based on the user’s preferences, by a separate browser on a specific device (computer, tablet, smartphone).

Cookie files do not register the users; no personal data or any identification data are stored. If you want to disconnect the cookie files use, you must configure your browser settings. You can configure deletion of cookie files or activate a notification to inform you when cookie files are saved on your device. In order to continue working without changing the cookie file storage settings, simply continue using the website.

Depending on their duration, cookie files are defined as session cookie files (temporary cookie files that are deleted automatically from the terminal after the end of the session and closure of the browser) and permanent cookie files (those that are stored in the terminal until the end of their operating period or are deleted by the user).

Cookie files are used for various purposes. They are primarily used to send messages and provide services requested by the user; in other words, they allow engaging and optimizing the running of the website, authenticating it and preventing misuse, tracking sessions and improving the user’s viewing experience, e.g., by keeping connections with reserved areas active while viewing website pages without the need for re-entering the user’s identifier and password, as well as by remembering specific information about the user (e.g., preferences, type of browser, and computer used). The information we collect using cookie files includes the IP address, device identification number, pages viewed, browser type, information about the browser search, operating system, Internet provider, click time marker, your reaction to an advertisement, relevant URL address, function apps used on the pages or actions taken.

The aforementioned cookie files are known as technical cookie files (their use does not require user consent), and without them, some of the mentioned operations cannot be performed or would be complicated and/or less secure.

On the other hand, if cookie files are used for other purposes such as behavioral analysis on the Internet and sending personalized promo-advertising messages (so-called profiling (analytical cookie files) or even simply to use the services offered by third parties to obtain collective information about the number of users and their methods of visiting the site (so-called analytical cookie files), it is necessary to obtain the user’s consent.

There are also functional cookie files.

These files are necessary to recognize you by a unique identifier without revealing your personal data when you re-enter our website. This allows us to personalize the website contents to your needs.

We can also use cookie files to remember your information to enter the system, thus you do not have to re-enter the user name and password every time (if you create a personal account on the website). In this case, the passwords will always be saved in coded form. These functional cookie files are not strictly required to run our website or app, but they add functionality for you as the user, making our website more user-friendly.

We try to use or permit the use of cookie files with a life cycle of no more than 5 years. Cookie files may exist longer only in exceptional cases, e.g., for security reasons, and only when this is absolutely necessary.

Other similar tracking technologies are used in addition to cookie files. They may include, for example, web beacons (also known as pixel tags, web bugs or gif files) that track URL addresses or software development devices (Software Development Kit, SDK). The web beacon is a microscopic image about 1 pixel in size, which enters your computer via an e-message in HTML format. We use these web beacons to obtain information about your device: e.g., device type, operating system, IP address, and time of website visit. Web beacons can also be used to deliver and read cookie files on your device. It is necessary to track URL addresses to find out the website from which the user accessed our website. SDK is a short code introduced into the apps that functions in the same way as cookie files and web beacons.

We will call all the technologies mentioned in this document taken together “cookie files”.

In order to find out more about how to work with cookie files or delete them, go to the site and the section “Reference”/“Help” of your browser. By configuring the browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome), you can choose which cookie files to accept and which to decline. The configuration set-up depends on which browser you use. In order to find the necessary settings, use the “Reference”/“Help” function in your browser.

If you decide to refuse certain technical and/or functional cookie files, some functions of our site may be inaccessible to you.

In order to opt out of the “behavioral” advertising program, you can go to the website or to find out about this. Sending data for re-targeting may be restricted through your mobile device.

Analytics. In order to monitor data collection for analytical purposes by Google Analytics from certain types of browsers, go to the following page: Google Analytics blocker (accessible only from a desktop computer). In order to monitor data collection for analytical purposes by Yandex.Metrica (tracking pixel belonging to the Russian search resource Yandex), users using Russian, Ukrainian or Turkish can visit the following page: The Yandex.Metrica service operates only for these three languages. You can also opt out of the Yandex personalized advertising. For this, go to this page and uncheck opposite the field “Consider my interests”.

You can configure acceptance or blocking of cookies in the browser by yourself. The impossibility of accepting cookies may limit the website operability.

Use of personal data by other services

Our site uses outside Internet services that collect information independently from us: Google Analytics,, Instagram. The data they collect may be provided to other services inside these organizations, they may use the data for personalized advertising of their own advertising network. You can read the user agreement of these organizations on their websites. There, you can also opt out of their collection of personal data, for example, the Google Analytics blocker is located here. We do not send personal data to other organizations and services that are not indicated in this confidentiality policy. The only exception is sending information under legal requirements of state agencies authorized for such actions.

References to other websites

Our website may contain references to other sites we do not manage. We are not liable for their contents. We recommend you read the confidentiality policy of each website you visit, if there is one.

Changes in the confidentiality policy

Our website may update our confidentiality policy from time to time. We will report any changes by posting the new confidentiality policy on this page. We are tracking legislative changes regarding personal data in the European Union. If we make such changes to the Confidentiality Policy that affect you directly (e.g., if we intend to process your personal data for purposes other than those previously indicated in this Confidentiality Policy) and we will have the personal data for this, we will inform you about such changes before the start of new activity. If your personal data was entered incorrectly, then we cannot communicate with you. We recommend that you check this page regularly to keep up with the latest changes.

Responsibility for personal data processing on the site

We control personal data processing in according with this Confidentiality Policy. Artistic Paints Plant Nevskaya Palitra Joint Stock Company, APP Nevskaya Palitra JSC is a privately held joint stock company, registered in accordance with Russian Federation law and located at: 68 Serdobolskaya St., Bldg F, Room 17, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 197342.

If you have questions about this Confidentiality Policy or processing your personal data, contact our data protection specialist at;

Feedback, final provisions

The website administrator can be contacted regarding issues of the confidentiality policy at the address:;, or by using the contact form indicated in the relevant section of this website. If you do not agree with this confidentiality policy, you cannot use the services of the website; in this case, you must refrain from visiting our website.